Alaska Grow Buckets Parts

Alaska Grow Buckets is not offering kits at this time - as we are moving forward to the NEW Alaska Grow Buckets version 2.0 that we will have available in the future. We look forward to continue meeting the needs of our many national and local customers and the ever expanding home-growers market. We will continue to offer the FREE Alaska Grow Buckets Guide to show how to easily construct your system and you are welcome to help support our effort if you find the information worthwhile.

Many local garden and hydroponic supply retailers are now offering similar items. We will continue updating our shopping page as we find better and lower cost parts for making your own Alaska Grow Buckets. Please direct us to any parts that you may recommend on our Contact Form.

* NOTE: The RAINPAL RBS005 Brass Rain Barrel faucet uses the 7/8” mounting hole as indicated in the FREE Alaska Grow Buckets Guide …other faucets may require a different diameter hole.