Self Watering Alaska Grow Buckets

Alaska Grow Buckets is not offering kits this year - as we are moving foreward to the NEW Alaska Grow Buckets version 2 that we will have available in the future. We look foreward to continue meeting the needs of our customers and the ever expanding home-growers market. We will continue offering advice and provide links to many home-growing supply sources. We will continue to offer the Alaska Growers Guide to show how to easily construct your system and you are welcome to help support our effert if you find the information worthwhile.

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If you want to grow your own vegetables, but don’t have the space or the time for watering, consider making an Alaska Grow Bucket. Tomatoes, cucumbers, and other plants are well-suited for this system.
— LivingTheCountryLife.com

Anyone can grow food at home...

with minimal space and little effort. On a city rooftop, on an apartment balcony, on a patio, deck or a porch, on a vacant lot, or in a backyard greenhouse.

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The Alaska Grow Bucket is the easiest self-watering container system that anyone can use to grow their own food. Alaska Grow Buckets use capillary action of a soiless grow-medium to draw water from below up to the plant roots. The Alaska Grow Bucket has a unique yet very simple design. Construction is much easier and takes less time than other complicated bottom watering container systems. A free guide with complete step by step instructions is available for viewing and download here.

* Alaska Grow Buckets Update

* A few customers have expressed difficulty inserting the rubber grommets when constructing their Alaska Grow Buckets. Even though the grommets can be inserted with extra force into the 3/4" hole to ensure a water-tight seal, I have determined that a slightly larger 7/8" hole will also work and inserting the grommets is much easier. I have updated my FREE Alaska Grow Buckets Instruction Guide and a 7/8" step drill bit is what I recommend.

Making your own Alaska Grow Bucket only takes 5 minutes.
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